Unprecedented Access.

VizVibe LLC’s AVR-INFO Cards, apps, triggered exhibit pieces and micro kiosks are designed to provide unprecedented access to a wealth of information and interactive content. When using the AVR Scanner on our mobile apps, users are able to view dynamically layered content. Our technology can be used as a valuable teaching tool for use in classrooms, homes, exhibit halls, historical societies, libraries, personal collections and museums the list is virtually endless.


Transmedia Storytelling.

VizVibe LLC is a transmedia storytelling company that specializes in the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. We create content to enhance the overall visitor experience for museums, tourism, education and events. Technology is evolving and people's needs are changing. Are you ready?

Cutting Edge Technology.

Interactive Learning.

Our goal is to provide wealth of information designed to enhance learning for all ages. We create rich user experiences that help raise awareness, engage through innovative interactive design and help fuel support for your non-profit, school or business.

AR. VR. Mobile. Micro Kiosk.

With a keen eye for producing interactive digital content to maximize the overall user experience our award winning team produces multi-layered content that enhances reach, engagement and overall user appeal.


Let's Talk!

Kevin Jones | CEO - Head Creative | kevin.vizvibe@gmail.com | 570-733-3919
Vic Deluca | Sales - Research | vicdeluca.paz@gmail.com | 480-290-5000
Heidi Blade | Marketing - Product Development | heidi.vizvibe@gmail.com
Eric Thomas | Director of Innovation - Creative | eric.vizvibe@gmail.com
Jim Gavenus | Photographer - Research | jim.vizvibe@gmail.com